Skate Canada Achievement Awards

Ice Summit Gala, St. John's,NL

2016 Skate Canada Achievement Award Winners Photo: Skate Canada/Maurice Fitzgerald



The Skate Canada National Awards Program honours dedicated members of the skating community who have donated their time to help contribute to improving the quality of skating in Canada.

* indicates winner of National Award also

Skate Canada Volunteer Award of Excellence
2017 Susan Dean Flying Blades
2016 Keith Woodford Conception Bay South
2015 Susan Thistle Prince of Wales
2014 Gail Hopkins Flying Blades
2013 Dave Dove Island Blades
2012 Joyce Martin-Stuckless Island Blades
2011 Christine Morgan Prince of Wales
2010 Karen Nevin Silver Jets
2009 Betty Brett Mount Pearl SC
2008 Tim Crosbie St. John’s SC
2007 Dave Liverman Prince of Wales SC
2006 Wayne Vallis St. John’s SC
2005 Agnes Thistle Prince of Wales SC
2004 Karen Hillyard Prince of Wales SC
2003 Dale Russell-Fitzpatrick Conception Bay North
2002 Bev Power Polaris
2001 Pat Clarke Conception Bay North
2000 Odelle Pike Stephenville
1999 Pauline Churchill Conception Bay North
1998 Pat Laskey Flying Blades
1997 Joy Budden Mount Pearl
1996 Wayne Sutherland St. John’s
1995 Christine Furlong St. John’s
1994 Kathleen Reid Bell Island
1993 Esther Dooling Mount Pearl
1992 Judy Mugford Conception Bay South
Skate Canada Section Volunteer Award
(formerly Section Award)
2017 Marilyn Dawe Conception Bay South
2016 Anne Marie Quinn Mount Pear-
2015 Perry Dalton Mount Pearl- Paradise
2014 Wanda Philpott Flying Blades
2011 Sharon Stoodley Ice Crystals
2010 Dianne White Deer Lake
2009 Christine Morgan Prince of Wales
2008 Susan Thistle Prince of Wales
2007 Dayna Willar Mount Pearl
2006 Elaine Power Ice Crystal
2005 Bob Delaney Stephenville FSC
2004 Wayne Hillyard St. John’s FSC
2003 Dave Liverman Prince of Wales
2002 Marion Jeans Prince of Wales
2001 Dave Dawe Silver Blades
2000 Bev Power Polaris
1999 Odelle Pike Stephenville
1998 Mary J. Walsh Conception Bay South
1997 Betty Brett Mount Pearl
1996 Sandra Facey Prince of Wales
1995 Alphonsus Leonard St. John’s
1994 Christine Moores Conception Bay North
1993 Susan Babb Conception Bay North
1992 Alan Scott Silver Jets
SKATE CANADA ELIZABETH SWAN AWARD 2016                   Susan Thistle                                                                                 Prince of Wales
Elizabeth Swan Memorial Award
2017 Shelley Ann O’Brien Mount Pearl – Paradise
2016 Brenda Black Trinity – Placentia
2014 Shelley Ann O’Brien Mount Pearl
2013 Donna Burt Prince of Wales
2012 no award
2011 no award
2010 Alison Drover CBN
2009 Brenda Viscount PARC
2008 Angela Clarke CBN
2007 Dale Russell-Fitzpatrick Conception Bay North
2006 Susan Thistle Prince of Wales SC
2005 Geri Trainor St. John’s
2004 Ruth Noel Prince of Wales SC
2003 Cindy (Ivany) Marshall Mount Pearl
2002 Dale Russell-Fitzpatrick Conception Bay North
2001 Norma Moores Conception Bay North
2000 Sharon Penney Silver Blades
1999 Doreen Drover Conception Bay North
1998 Odelle Pike Stephenville
1997 Cindy (Ivany) Marshall Mount Pearl
1996 Geri Trainor St. John’s
1995 Clare Eagar St. John’s
1993 Kevin Walsh coach
1992 Gerry McNeil Conception Bay North
1991 Clare Eagar St. John’s
1990 Kathleen Gale Fallsview
1989 Gerry McNeil Conception Bay North
1988 Dorothy Bragg Port aux Basques
Skate Canada Program Assistant Award
2017 Claire Bennett Mount Pearl Paradise
2016 Hayley Dalton Conception Bay South
2015 Katie Dawson Conception Bay North
2014 Danica Dean Flying Blades
2013 Adrienne Evans Ice Crystal FSC
2012 Brianna Mercer Silver Blades
2011 Katie Stoodley Ice Crystals
2010 Megan Elliot Sparkling Blades
2009 Allie Winter Prince of Wales SC
2008 Josh Brushett Ice Crystal
2007 Brittany Lambe Ice Crystal
2006 Alicia Anderson CBN SC
2005 Melissa Saunders CBN FSC
2004 Andrea Thistle Prince of Wales SC
2003 Jennifer Stuckless Island Blades
2002 Amanda Vallis St. John’s
2001 Jaclyn Baker Ice Crystal
2000 Leslie Hillyard St. John’s
1999 Ryan Sutherland St. John’s
1998 Jennifer Kelsey* Conception Bay North
1997 Cheryl Baggs Island Blades
1996 Kelly Cribb Ice Crystal
1995 Connie Pike Wabush
1994 Tracey Bridger Island Blades
1994 Alison Reid Bell Island
1993 Hilary Quick St. John’s
1992 Colleen Wall Bell Island
Skate Canada Section Official Award  (Judge/Evaluator Award up to 2000)
2017 Paul Tulk Silver Blades
2016 Laura Crosbie Mount Pearl-Paradise
2015 Stephanie Nevin Silver Blades
2014 Eleanor Scott Sparkling Blades
2013 Laura Crosbie Mount Pearl SC
2012 Dave Dove Mount Pearl
2011 Mark Scott Prince of Wales
2010 Mal Wells Snowflake
2009 Tracy Hillyard Mount Pearl
2008 Laura Crosbie Mount Pearl
2007 Karen Hillyard Prince of Wales
2006 Alison Partridge CBN
2004 Caroline Webber CBN
2004 Suzanne Goodland St. John’s
2003 Fiona Trend St. John’s/ Sparkling Blades
2002 Michele Sutherland St. John’s
2001 Angela Clarke Conception Bay North
2000 Lindsay Hillier Polaris
1999 Agnes Thistle Prince of Wales
1998 Sylvia Grant Prince of Wales
1997 Lindsay Redmond Mount Pearl
1996 Agnes Thistle* Prince of Wales
1995 Joyce Crimm Prince of Wales
1994 Odelle Pike Silver Blades
1993 Sandra Facey Prince of Wales
1992 Christine Furlong St. John’s
Skate Canada Section Accountant Award (now combined with officials award)
2000 Barbara Barclay Mount Pearl
1999 Andrea Barclay Mount Pearl
1998 John Dollimount Stephenville
1997 Rosalind Pound Mount Pearl
1996 Agnes Thistle Prince of Wales
1996 Barbara Barclay Mount Pearl
1995 Rosalind Pound Mount Pearl
1994 Barbara Barclay Mount Pearl
1992 Marie Norris St. John’s
1990 Rosalind Pound Mount Pearl
Skate Canada Section Coach Award
(formerly Coach of the Year Award)
2017 Allison Walsh Flying Blades
2016 Jennifer Reid Trinity -Placentia
2015 Brittany Baril Silver Wings SC
2014 Jenna Hillyard Mount Pearl SC
2013 Karen Jones Ice Crystal
2012 Katie Blagdon Flying Blades
2011 Lindsay Hillier Mount Pearl SC
2010 Dayna Smith Trinity Placentia
2009 Lisa Young CBN
2008 Chris Pitcher Prince of Wales
2007 Alison Dawe CBN
2006 Krista Kirkland
2005 Amanda Vallis St. John’s
2004 Rena Hutchings St. John’s
2003 Andrea Walsh CBS
2002 Shirley Thistle Prince of Wales
2001 Jessica Armstrong Ice Crystal
2000 Lisa Young Silver Blades
1999 Claudia Drover Crystal Gliders
1998 Jessica Gosse Ice Crystal
1997 Kristina Strawbridge Mount Pearl
1996 Jodi Blundon Ice Crystal
1995 Kevin Walsh Mount Pearl / Conception Bay North
1994 Carol Bailey Conception Bay North
1993 Valerie Dumaresque St. John’s
1992 Wendy Mercer Prince of Wales
Skate Canada Competitive Coach Award of Excellence
2008 (Nomination) Joanne Milner
2006 (Nomination) Lisa Young
2004 (Nominations) Lori Brett, Joanne Milner
2002 (Nominations) Lisa Young, Lori Brett
2001 (Nomination) Kevin Walsh
Skate Canada Club & Recreation Coach Award of Excellence:
2011 (Nominations) Kevin Walsh, Karen Jones, and Jeanette Pink
2010 (Nominations) Erica Champion, Karen Jones, Neil Thorne, Jo Anne Milner and Dayna Smith
2009 (Nominations) Carol Foote, Karen Jones
2006 (Nominations) Jessica Gosse-Armstrong, Wendy Mercer,
Amanda Vallis, Dominic Pike*
2005 (Nominations) Jessica Gosse-Armstrong, Krista Kirkland,
Wendy Mercer, Michelle Warren
2004 (Nominations) Claudia Drover, Valerie Dumaresque, Carol Foote,
Rena Hutchings, Wendy Mercer, Arlene Strand-Edwards
2003 (Nominations) Wendy Mercer, Tammy Hyland
2002 (Nomination) Arlene Strand, Andrea Walsh
CanSkate Athlete Award 
2017 Jorja Smith Trinity Placentia
2016 Scarlett Sherlock Mount Pearl-Paradise
2015 Zeyard Safard-Eldean Flying Blades SC
2014 Claire Farrell Mount Pearl SC
2013 Samuel Ruttgaizer Ice Crystal SC
2012 Sophie Bennett Prince of Wales SC
2011 Becky Drover CBN
2010 Matthew Chislett* Ice Crystal
2011 Becky Drover CBN
2009 Sarah Dawson CBN
2008 Laura Keefe CBN
2007 Mahalia Legge* Ice Crystal
2006 Jenna Efford CBN
2005 Joshua Robinson Conception Bay South
2004 Caitlin Crosbie Conception Bay North
2003 Jenna Locke Notre Dame
2002 Ryan Manuel Notre Dame
2001 Katie Churchill* Prince of Wales
Skate Canada StarSkate Athlete Award
2017 Erin Maher Conception Bay South
2016 Claire Bennett Mount Pearl – Paradise
2015 Lauren Coombs Mount Pearl-Paradise
2014 Amber Tremblett Notre Dame
2013 Allison Walsh PARC FSC
2012 Alanna Taplin-Jenkins Bell Island
2011 Bianca Paiement Prince of Wales
2010 Melanie Bingle Deer Lake
2009 Olivia Drover-Martin Prince of Wales
2008 Kalynn Crane Silver Blades
2007 Katie Stoodley Ice Crystal
2006 Jamie Sparkes Silver Blades
2005 Beth Liverman Prince of Wales
2004 Michelle Budgen Silver Blades
2003 Katie Malone Silver Jets
2002 April Skanes Wabush
2001 Lindsay Hillier Polaris
2000 Shanna Leaman Wabush
Skate Canada Competitive Skate Athlete Award
(formerly Skater of the Year)
2017 McKenna Mercer Mount Pearl – Paradise
2016 Anna Carter Mount Pearl – Paradise
2015 Jenna Efford Mount Pearl-Paradise
2014 Sophia Burke Mount Pearl
2013 Dylan Short Prince of Wales
2012 Grace Woodland Mount Pearl
2011 Grace Woodland Mount Pearl
2010 Dylan Short Prince of Wales
2009 Emily Benson Wabush
2008 Emily Benson Wabush
2007 Alex White Snowflake
2006 Kaetlyn Osmond Ice Crystal
2005 Alexandra Young Silver Blades
2004 Natasha Osmond Ice Crystal
2003 Caitlin Coady Ice Crystal
2002 Erica Nixon Mount Pearl
2001 Jessica Oake Notre Dame
2000 Erica Nixon Mount Pearl
1999 Krista Sharpe Mount Pearl
1998 Michaela Simpson Reddick Wabush
1997 Alison Noseworthy Mount Pearl
1996 Katie Kirkland St. John’s
1995 Lindsay Hillier Polaris
1994 Dawn Troake Island Blades
1993 Heather Dawe Conception Bay North
1992 Sandy Woolfrey Island Blades