Data Specialists

Data Specialists are the individuals who are responsible for calculating the marks awarded by the judges and tabulating the final result. If open marking is used at an event the Data Specialists are normally found at ice level. At other events they will be in the result calculation center. Generally, each event will have a chief Data Specialists. The chief Data Specialists ensures that all accounting rules are followed when determining the result of an event. They work with the technical representative or referee to post results, attend draws and to answer questions regarding results calculation.

Currently, most competition results are calculated using a computer. Some smaller or local competitions may do manual calculations. In both cases, Data Specialists check and re-check all calculations in order to ensure the accuracy of the results posted.

Data Specialists are required to attend clinics, write examinations and complete practical assignments in order to secure promotions.

For more information contact the Section Data Specialists Chair, Dave Dove.