Kathy Reid

Kathy Reid

Member Bell Island FSC

  • 1979-95 club secretary
  • 1981-83 NST director, test chairman,
  • 1986-1990 CFSA test chair
  • Resident expert on skating decorum and rules
  • Knew every skater by name as well as level
  • Kept parent body informed through bi-weekly newsletter
  • Chaired and worked on ice shows, helped host regional and interclub competitions
  • Worked in accounting rooms to understand procedure
  • 1988-96 Section Recreation Chairman
  • 1994 CFSA Section Volunteer of the Year
  • 1995 Inducted into Bell Island Hall of Fame

Kathy was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 14, and always suffered with pain and aches. She had numerous surgeries, yet volunteered to help people less able than herself – this always entailed a 20 minute ride (or longer) on the ferry each way. In the late 80’s in Goose Bay for our Provincial Championships she fell in the hotel parking lot, and was unable to get up. when no one heard her call for help she managed finally to wiggle her way to a snowbank in order to pull herself up. This did not stop her from continuing to involve herself. Although needing some help at times Kathy continued to fly to Ottawa or elsewhere to attend National Canskate meetings.

2005  December 3: Sis died of a fast growing cancer at the age of 54

2007  a volunteer plaque in memory of Sis has been created and was presented for the first time January 13 to Debbie Gosine, a member of the Bell Island Figure Skating Club, at the Avalon Regional Competition hosted by the Bell Island Figure Skating Club.

Compiled by Marion Jeans