Joyce Crim

Joyce Crim

Member Prince of Wales FSC since early 1970’s

Club Level

  • various committees including Carnival, Coach liaison, secretary, looking after the CFSA skaters
  • given honourary membership in the 80’s
  • as a Kindergarten/grade 1 teacher used to be at the rink during school skating sessions and spoke with many parents about having their children take regular learn to skate lessons

Region Level

Avalon Region Director 1978-80 while Avalon Region included all the Avalon Peninsula

Section Level

  • 1979, 83, 87 involved in Atlantic Divisional competitions  trial judge liaison, accounting room liaison
  • 1981-85 and 1991-96 judges chair. Pushed clubs and regions to produce their own evaluators  sent higher level judges outside the province to gain needed upgrading experience
  • 1985-86 chair of steering committee for Figure Skating Hall of Fame
  • chair skater development (nominated for program planning award in 1987 for working with the provincial skater development side of skating for past 2 years)
  • chair bursary committee
  • 1988 Resigned Skater development/bursary committees to return to school for her masters degree
  • Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island as a team leader

Judging since 1979  up to Pre-Novice competition, also precision skating judge

  • bilingual  became our first international judge when she went to St. Pierre for their first test day in 1992
  • 1995  nominated for section judges award by Polaris FSC

Interclub accountant  rolled car mid 80’s on way to Fortune for interclub  after that did not drive long distances  especially in the winter

1994-95 breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments did not keep Joyce from her skating

Came to Newfoundland early 70’s from California and Minnesota and remained for 10 years past the time her children returned to California

Retired in Sept 1998 now living on Vancouver Island and California

25 year pin presented in absentia May 1, 1999

Compiled by Marion Jeans