Barbara Ryan


Barbara Ryan is inducted into the Hall of Fame

Barbara Ryan  was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the builder category on April 24 2010.
Ms. Ryan has served the skating community as Club President, Section Chairperson, and has the unique distinction of being the only Newfoundlander or Labradorian elected President of the Canadian Figure Skaitng Association. At the international level, Ms. Ryan served as Team Leader at the 2004 Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo, and was assitant team leader at the 1981 and 1982 ISU World Championships. It was Ms. Ryan’s vision that ensured our rich skating history would be celebrated through the publication of The History of the Canadian Figure Skating Association 1888-1990. Ms. Ryan is presently active in the association as a member of the Skate Canada Hall of Fame Committee. In 1981 Barbara was awarded the Sport Newfoundland and Labrador’s Executive of the Year Award.

More background from our archivist, Marion Jeans
She was a member of St. John’s FSC and Prince of Wales FSC

Began skating volunteerism about 1968  sewing pompoms on daughter’s skating costume


  • 1979-83 section Chairman
  • 1978-79 vice chairman section
  • 1976-78 Avalon Region Director
  • Committees
    • Newfoundland Winter Games
    • Canada Winter Games
    • Divisional Committees  first in 1979. chair 1983 Divisionals
  • Late 70’s early 80’s Publicity for Prince of Wales  1 year


  • 1992 – hosted CASH  Canadian Association of Sports Heritage
  • 1990-92 – Past President CFSA
  • 1988-90 – President Canadian Figure Skating Association (2nd female president in 78 years)
  • 1989-90 – Chairman  Athletes Trust
  • Chairman (as well as instrumental in developing) the Figure Skating Hall of Fame and Historic Trust, and at the National Annual Meeting in Edmonton in June 1990 presided over the First Annual Figure Skating Hall of Fame Banquet
  • 1984-1988
    • Vice Chairman CFSA
    • Vice chair in charge of International stream of skaters
    • Chairman  Best Ever Committee  management of national Team  set assignments
    • executive member of competitions committee Canadian level  singles, pairs, dance, precision
    • membership development committee person
    • vice chair in charge of Canada winter Games 1987
    • involved with the organizing committee in hosting the National Annual General meeting in St. John’s in 1985
  • 1982-84
    • first elected as a CFSA Director in Saskatoon
    • Chairman skater development committee
    • marketing committee  1982-83
    • sections committee  1979-1982
    • skater development committee  member 1978-80, chair 1980-84


  • attended ISU meetings as President of CFSA.  May 1990 represented CFSA in New Zealand
  • Traveled as manager/CFSA representative to International and Olympic Championships  eg.  Sarejavo 1984
  • Assistant team leader Worlds Figure Skating Championships Hartford Conn. 1981, Copenhagen 1982


  • Organized 1st CFSA Hall of Fame Induction Dinner – 1992
  • Chaired Museum/Historical Committee  produced a book  History of CFSA 1888-1990
  • Winner  Provincial Executive of the Year  Feb 12, 1982  Nf/Lab Amateur Sports Federation
  • 1992  Jan 16.  recognized nationally at Government House for community services and volunteer work
  • Board of Directors  NONIA
  • Children’s Rehab  – brought Tracey Wilson and Rob McCall (Dance ) in for charity fund raising
  • Served on Canada Games park Commission
  • Past Chair of UNICEF NF