2014 Atlantic Regional and Provincial Synchronized Skating Championships

Princelles – Cornel Trophy

The 2014 Atlantic Regional Synchronized Skating Championships took place at The Glacier, Mount Pearl on January 31 – February 1, 2014.

The Cornel Trophy was awarded to:
Princelles – Prince of Wales SC (Pre-Novice)
(This trophy goes to the team that in the opinion of the judges was the best team in the competition. Unison and Presentation, in relation to the music, age and ability of the skaters, and the program as a whole should all be considered.)

The Butt Trophy was awarded to:
Icicles – Conception Bay North SC (Pre-Novice)
(This trophy is voted on by the participating teams is awarded the team that best demonstrated the qualities of demonstrated good sportsmanship, spirit of fair play, cooperation and friendship.)

Former winners

Photos, Results & Skater Details now online.

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