2012 Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate

The 2012 Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate  was held on Saturday September 29, 2012 at the Jack Byrne Arena, Torbay, NL.

In the spring of 2006 the Pack Family and the skating community lost a dear child and skater, Rebecca Pack. To celebrate Rebecca’s love of life and skating, the Pack Family established in her memory “The Rebecca Pack Memorial Award”. This commemorative award in honor of Rebecca is presented annually at the Rebecca Pack Memorial Friendship Skate competition. The award is presented to the competitor, who in the opinion of the Competition Judges, demonstrates tenacity, a love of skating, and good sportsmanship, all of the endearing qualities we will remember when we think of Rebecca.

 The recipient of “The Rebecca Pack Memorial Award” for 2012 is Amber Boutcher, Prince of Wales SC.

(previous winners)

Results & Skater details now online

Results Short Free
Novice Women  Results  Details Details
Pre-Novice Men Details  Details
Pre-Novice Women  Results Details Details
Juvenile Under 11 Details
Juvenile Under 14  Results Details
Pre-Juvenile Under 11  Results  Details
Pre-Juvenile Under 14 Results Details
Senior Silver Women Details
Junior Silver Women Results  Details
Senior Bronze Women  Results Details
Junior Bronze Women  Results Details
Preliminary Women Under 10 Results
Pre-Preliminary II Women Under 19 Results

 Single Entry Categories

Pre-Novice Men
Dylan SHORT -Prince of Wales SC

Senior Silver Women
Heather STROTHER – Mount Pearl SC

Juvenile  Women Under 11
Caylie Rose BLAKE – Silver Blades SC

Preliminary Women Under 12
Emily PHILPOTT – Flying Blades FSC

Preliminary Women Under 12
Bryanna PHILPOTT – Flying Blades FSC

Pre-Preliminary II Women Under 10
Emily DAWSON – Conception Bay North FSC

Pre-Preliminary I Women Under 9
Barbara Kate Cavell – Prince of Wales SC

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