Synergy compete at Nationals

Synergy from Prince of Wales SC competed at the national synchronized skating championships for the third straight year. They competed against twelve other teams from across Canada in the Intermediate category. They had a good first skate on Thursday and scored 21.26. They scored slightly lower on their second skate (40.51) for an overall score of 61.97, and finished 12th, their best finish of their three trips to Nationals.
The team members are Carly Austin, Valerie Ball, Melanie Bingle, Nicole Burt, Laura Doulton, Susie Doulton, Suzannah Healey, Jenna Hillyard, Sarah Hogan, Lana McCaw, Stephanie Nevin, Jennifer Noel, Samantha Phelan, Clara Pollard, Hayley Porter, Marlee Rae, Tiffany Whynot, and Siobhan Wilkins. Team member Melanie Bingle was featured in an article in the Western Star.
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