2012 SCNL Avalon Region Interclub

The Avalon Region Interclub competition was held March 17, 2012 at Feildian Gardens, St. John’s, hosted by Prince of Wales SC.

Most Points – CPG Saint Pierre
Most Improved Club – Mount Pearl SC

Previous winners


Category Results
Preliminary – 12 Years & Younger Results
Pre-Preliminary I – 8 Years & Younger Results
Pre-Preliminary I – 9 Years Results
Pre-Preliminary I – 10 Years & Older Results


Skate to Standard

Canskate Stage 7
Destiny CARROLL – Bell Island SC
Shelby CLARKE – Bell Island SC
Amber HUNT – Bell Island SC
Tyra CABLE  – Conception Bay South  SC
Emily BARRY – Mount Pearl SC
Sarah KING – Mount Pearl SC
Sarah WALSH – Mount Pearl SC
Danielle BOLGER – Prince of Wales SC
Barbara Kate CAVELL – Prince of Wales SC
Kathleen CURRAN – Prince of Wales SC
Catherine GUZZWELL – Prince of Wales SC
Apolline DEARBURN – CPG Saint Pierre
Marie DETCHEVERRY – CPG Saint Pierre
Urphe DIPITO – CPG Saint Pierre
Noemie GASPARD – CPG Saint Pierre
Andrea GAUVAIN – CPG Saint Pierre
Janelle LEVEQUE – CPG Saint Pierre

Canskate Stage 6
Sarah FAGAN – Conception Bay South  SC
Chantal BARNES – Mount Pearl SC
Sarah BURRY – Mount Pearl SC
Dylan CALLAN – Mount Pearl SC
Katelyn CHAFE – Mount Pearl SC
Hannah CORCORAN – Mount Pearl SC
Sarah EVANS – Mount Pearl SC
Amber GILES – Mount Pearl SC
Shirley JENKINS – Mount Pearl SC
CaitlinLOCKYER – Mount Pearl SC
Rachael LUNDRIGAN – Mount Pearl SC
Laura RODGERS – Mount Pearl SC
Madison CHAMBERS – Prince of Wales SC
Jena DYER – Prince of Wales SC
Amy LEARNING – Prince of Wales SC
Grace LEE – Prince of Wales SC
Chelsea MASTERSON – Prince of Wales SC
Lauren QUINLAN – Prince of Wales SC
Katie WARFORD – Prince of Wales SC
Emma ALLAIN – CPG Saint Pierre
Lea DODEMAN – CPG Saint Pierre
Amalia GASPARD – CPG Saint Pierre
Marie GUERIN – CPG Saint Pierre
Elise VIGNEAU – CPG Saint Pierre

Canskate Stage 5
Zoe BUTLER – Bell Island SC
Dana CUMMINGS – Bell Island SC
Cassandra HANN – Bell Island SC
Alicia MEADUS – Bell Island SC
Brooke ANDREWS – Conception Bay South  SC
Anabel FAGAN – Conception Bay South  SC
Hanna IVANY – Conception Bay South  SC
Hailey LOMOND – Conception Bay South  SC
Ashley MATTHEWS – Conception Bay South  SC
Emma MORGAN- Conception Bay South  SC
Laura POTTLE – Conception Bay South  SC
Kiana ASHFORD – Mount Pearl SC
Quinn PARSONS – Mount Pearl SC
Rachel POWER – Mount Pearl SC
Alex RIDEOUT – Mount Pearl SC
Cassie TUCKER – Mount Pearl SC
Livi ALLEN – Prince of Wales SC
Sophie BENNETT – Prince of Wales SC
Skye COFFEY – Prince of Wales SC
Abby COOK – Prince of Wales SC
Takoda DRUKEN – Prince of Wales SC
Sarah MUZYCHKA – Prince of Wales SC
Gracyn ROWE – Prince of Wales SC
Jennifer CHAIGNON – CPG Saint Pierre
Bertille DOTTE – CPG Saint Pierre
Oceane URTIZBEREA – CPG Saint Pierre

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