Joey Russell announces retirement from competitive skating

[159].Senior Men - Joey Russell - NL-2Canadian senior bronze medalist, world team member, and long-time provincial team member Joey Russell has decided to retire from competitive skating. Joey has asked us to post the following letter on the web site.

Dear Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador,
I’m writing this letter to recognize my appreciation for my home province. I have decided to end my competitive career and move forward with other endeavours. I would like to say thank you to the people who have supported me along the way:
To the Volunteers,
I am forever indebted to you. Without you, none of my experiences would have come to life. I have alway found comfort in your sincere smiles and kind words whenever I felt nervous or tense. For a skater, it is lovely to have people around you who are there for you and show up because they truly love figure skating. I will always be involved in the skating world and I hope to pass on your positive energy.
To the Coaches,
Whenever I go home to Newfoundland and Labrador I see the amazing light-hearted but hard working relationship you have with your skaters. This attitude, from my own coaches, and those around me, has made me the skater and the person that I am today. I believe, your dedication translates to skaters each day and made the rink a place I looked forward to going to. I wish you all good luck.
To the Skaters,
I was not always sure of my ability as a skater. I worked hard, but found trouble believing that someone from Newfoundland and Labrador was talented enough to achieve greatness in the sport. I am from Newfoundland and Labrador through and through and I am so proud of that, but I had to change my mindset to that of a National and World level skater. Know that anything is possible in this sport of upsets, surprises and excitement. I hope after all is said and done, that I have opened the door for you and given you confidence like that of a future Olympic Champion. I can’t wait to follow your success and I wish you all the best.
To my Supporters both in the skating world and out,
You are what helped me through some of my hardest days at the rink. Knowing that I was representing a whole province was sometimes all I needed. To go home and hear the kindest, sweetest words, in an accent I so dearly missed, was the ultimate prize. It was my goal to make each Newfoundlander and Labradorian proud of figure skating in this province. Please pass on your overwhelming support to the future stars of our province so that they may feel the pride as I do.
A special thank you to my family for their sacrifices and unwavering support of every one of my decisions. To Bev Power, Betty and Lori Brett and my home club of Polaris. I hope that I have adequately shared each success with you and made you proud because I know you have been rooting for me since day one, and I am so grateful.
Thank you,

Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador wishes Joey Russell all the best on his retirement from competitive skating. His accomplishments including competing at the 2011 World Championships and the 2007 World Junior Championships were firsts in our Section. We proudly remember Joey’s Bronze medal winning performance in the Senior Men’s event at the 2011 Canadian Championships and his 2006 Canadian Junior Men’s title. Joey dreamed big and worked hard to make his skating dreams a reality, while being a great ambassador for skating in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you wish to send Joey a message you may do so through

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