BMO Sectionals


BMO Award of Merit- Ashley Morgan

The 2011 BMO Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Sectionals were held November 13-14 at Joe Byrne Arena, Grand Falls Windsor. Ashley Morgan won the BMO Award of Merit;  and Grace Woodland the Polaris Artistic Trophy. Ashley Morgan and Matthew Power both set Provincial records.
PreNovice and Novice skaters were competing to advance to national level competition, and this was also a qualifying event for the 2011 Canada Games. The winners in Novice and PreNovice automatically qualify for the Canada Games team (Ashley Morgan, Emily Benson, Matthew Power and Robyn-Lynn McGrath, Matthew Young). Top four placings qualify for the Challenge event.

Photos, Results & Skater Details now online

Thanks to Karen Nevin and Laura Crosbie for photos.


Novice Women

Skater Details -Short /Skater Details – Free

1 Ashley MORGAN – Prince of Wales SC
2 Julia MERCER – Prince of Wales SC
3 Alexandra YOUNG – Silver  Blades SC
4 Nicole BURT – Prince of Wales SC
5 Hayley WILLAR-CARTER – Mount Pearl SC

Pre-Novice Men

Skater Details – Short / Skater Details Free
1 Matthew POWER – Mount Pearl SC
2 Dylan SHORT – Prince of Wales SC

Pre-Novice Women

Skater Details – Short / Skater Details – Free
1 Emily BENSON – Wabush FSC
2 Grace WOODLAND – Mount Pearl SC
3 Nicole CHAN – Prince of Wales SC
4 Robyn-Lynn MCGRATH – Mount Pearl SC
5 Ashley BISHOP – Mount Pearl SC
6 Breauna MILLER – Prince of Wales SC
7 Julia HOWLEY – Prince of Wales SC
8 Kaitlin HART – Prince of Wales SC
9 Miranda WALSH – Mount Pearl SC
10 Shannon LILY – Wabush FSC
11 Charity DROVER – Silver Jets FSC
12 Emily PARK – Silver Blades SC

Juvenile Women

Skater Details
1 Jadyn BARRON – Silver Jets FSC
2 Nicole  CASEY – Sparkling Blades FSC
3 Leah WHITTEN – Silver Blades SC
4 Taylor KEEFE – Deer Lake FSC
5 Grace ROSE – Flying Blades FSC
6 Kaitlyn MAYNE – Trinity-Placentia FSC

Pre-Juvenile Women

Skater Details

1 Rebecca NOEL – Sparkling Blades FSC
2 Sophia  BURKE – Mount Pearl SC
3 Jenny BILES – Prince of Wales SC
4 Jenna EFFORD – Mount Pearl SC
5 Danielle SCEVIOUR – Silver Blades SC
6 Deidre SKINNER  – Sparkling Blades FSC
7 Amber BOUTCHER – Prince of Wales SC
8 Kathryn PETTEN – Mount Pearl SC
9 Bethany WHELAN – Silver Blades SC
10 Kennedi  BOLAND – Silver Blades SC

Novice Men

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Matthew YOUNG – Silver Blades SC

Pre-Juvenile Men

Skater Details
Joshua TULK – Silver Blades SC

Special Olympics Level IV
Paolo PAIEMENT – Mount Pearl SC

Special Olympics Level  III
Mark ELLSWORTH – Silver Blades SC

Special Olympics Level  II
Sarah CONNELL – Silver Blades SC

Exhibition Skate

Junior Pair (Short & Free)
Alexandra YOUNG/Matthew YOUNG – Silver Blades SC

Pre-Novice Pair – (Short & Free)
Robyn-Lynn MCGRATH/Matthew POWER  – Mount Pearl SC

Announcement – 2nd Announcement – Planned Program sheet (Word format) – Choreography Waiver Form – Skater profile update instructions – Registration Forms Singles – Registration Forms Pair and Dance

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