2016 SCNL Summer Skate

The 2016 Skate Canada NL Summer Skate took place at the Paradise Double Ice Complex on Saturday August 20.    Results and Skater Details now on line.   We were very pleased to partner with Ivivva who donated 3 awards/prizes for our skaters.  Below are our winners:

Most Outstanding Performance – Boroka Albert (STAR 4 U10)

Most Artistic Performance – Rebecca Bennett (Juvenile Women U12)

Lucky Winner(Random draw from all entries) – Sarah Boyce  (STAR 5 U13)

 STAR 2 Girls Start Order
 STAR 2 Boys Start Order
 STAR 3 Girls  Start Order
 STAR 4 Girls U10   Results
 STAR 4 Girls U13   Results
 STAR 4 Girls 13 & older   Results
 STAR 5 Girls U10   Results  Skater Details
 STAR 5 Girls U13  Results  Skater Details
 STAR 5 Girls 13 & older  Results Skater Details
STAR 5 Boys U10  Results   Skater Details
STAR 6 Women Results  Skater Details
STAR 7 Women  Results   Skater Details
STAR 8 Women  Results   Skater Details
STAR 10 Women Results   Skater Details
Pre Juvenile Women U11  Results   Skater Details
Pre Juvenile Women U13 Results   Skater Details
Juvenile Women U12 Results  Skater Details
Juvenile Women U14  Results  Skater Details
Pre Novice Women Short SkaterDetails  Free SkaterDetails
Novice Women Short SkaterDetails  Free SkaterDetails
Junior Women  Withdraw  Free SkaterDetails
Senior Women Short Skater Details  Free Skater Details


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