Western Divisionals

Western Divisionals will be hosted by the Deer Lake SC, January 23-24, 2016.

Most Point  – Club Award Silver Blades S C

Most Improved  – Club Award Island Blades FSC

Joan Target Award Megan Joans – Silver Jets SC

Andy Joy Cup Savannah Burden – Silver Blades SC

Results now on line.

Schedule – REVISED (Feb. 20)

Category Start Order Start Order Start Order
Novice Women Short Program Skater Details
Pre-Novice Women Short Skater Details  Free Skater Details Category Results
Juvenile Women U12  Details
Juvenile Women U14 Results  Details
Juvenile Dance Willow Foxtrot FreeDance
Pre Juvenile Women U11  Results Details
PreJuvenile Women U13 Details
PreJuvenile Dance Swing Willow
Gold Women Results  Skater Details
Senior Silver Women Results  Skater Details
Junior Silver Women Results  Skater Details
Senior Bronze Women Results Skater Details
STAR 5 Girls U10 Results  Skater Details
STAR 5 Girls U13 Results Skater Details
STAR 5 Girls 13 & Over Results  Skater Details
STAR 4 Girls U10 Results
STAR 4 Girls U13 Results
STAR 4 Girls 13 & Over Results
STAR 4 Boys Results
Silver Creative Skills Results  Skater Details
Bronze Creative Skills Start Order
Introductory Interpretive U12 Start Order
Introductory Interpretive U19 Start Order
Bronze Interpretive Results  Skater Detail
Silver Interpretive Results Skater Details
Gold Interpretive Skater Details
Special Olympics – Level 3 Start Order

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