2015 Labrador Divisionals

The 2015 Labrador Divisional Event took place January 23rd – 25th, in Churchill Falls, hosted by the Northern Dawn Figure Skating Club.  Results & Skater Details now online.

Most Points:  Polaris FSC
Nicki Panagiotopolous 100% Effort Award: Stephanie Tsibidis – Snowflake FSC
Evelyn Power Artistic Award:  Emma Byrne – Polaris FSC


Categories Results Details
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Senior Silver   Details 
Junior Silver   Details 
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STAR5 Boys   Details
STAR5  Girls Under 13 Results   Details
STAR5 Girls 13 & Over Results Details
STAR4 Girls Under 13 Results  
STAR4 Girls 13 & Over Results  
Gold Interpretive   Details 
Silver Interpretive Results Details
Bronze Interpretive   Details 
Intro Interpretive Results Details
Preliminary Dance Results  
Pre-Preliminary Dance Results  
STAR3 Girls Entrants  
STAR2 Girls Group 1 Entrants  
STAR2 Girls Group 2 Entrants  
STAR2 Girls Group 3 Entrants  
STAR2 Girls Group 4 Entrants  
STAR2 GirlsBoys Group 5 Entrants  
STAR1 Girls Group 1 Entrants  
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STAR1 Girls Group 3 Entrants  
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Special Olympics Level II Entrants  



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