2015 Western Divisionals

The 2015 Western Divisional Event was held January 17th & 18th, in Grand-Falls Windsor, hosted by the Sparkling Blades FSC.
Results  & Skater Details now online.


Club Award – Most Points  – Silver Blades SC

Joan Targett Award – Most Outstanding Performance  – Caitlyn Sparkes – Silver Jets SC, Senior Bronze Women

Andy Joy Cup – Most Artistic Performance – Brook Motty – Silver Blades SC, STAR4 Girls Under 10

Start Order
Novice Short Details, Novice Free Details
Pre-Novice ResultsPre-Novice Short Details, Pre-Novice Free Details
Juvenile Under 14 Results, Juvenile Under 14 Details
Pre-Juvenile Men Under 14 Results, Pre-Juvenile Men Under 14 Details
Pre-Juvenile Under 11 Results, Pre-Juvenile Under 11 Details
Pre-Juvenile Under 14 Results, Pre-Juvenile Under 14 Details
Gold Results, Gold Details
Senior Silver Results, Senior Silver Details
Junior Silver Results, Junior Silver Details
Senior Bronze Results, Senior Bronze Details
STAR5 Girls Under Results, STAR5 Girls Under 13 Details
STAR5 Girls 13 & Over Results, STAR5 Girls 13 & Over Details
STAR 4 Girls Under 10 Results
STAR4 Girls Under 13 Results
STAR4 Girls 13 & Over Results
Gold Intepretive Results, Gold Intepretive Details
Silver Interpretive Details,
Bronze Interpretive Results, Bronze Interpretive Details
Intro Interpretive Under 12 Details
Intro Interpretive Under 19 Results, Intro Interpretive Under 19 Details
Gold Creative Skills Results,  Gold Creative Skills Details
Silver Creative Skills Results,  Silver Creative Skills Details
Bronze Creative Skills Results, Bronze Creative Skills Details
Juvenile Dance – EXHIBITION
STAR3 Girls Group 1
STAR3 Girls Group 2
STAR3 GirlsBoys Group 3
STAR3 Girls Group 4
STAR3 GirlsBoys Group 5
STAR3 Girls Group 6
STAR3 Girls Group 7

Western Divisonals Schedule – REVISED, January 15, 2015


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