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April 15, 2015

Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Section Celebrates National Officials Day (April 15th)

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Happy National Officials Day to all our Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Volunteer Officials!

As judges, referees, data specialists, evaluators, technical specialists and controllers, our officials support the participation of all skaters through test days, competitions, monitoring sessions, workshops and much more!

Why does someone become an official? How do I start the training process? These are some of the questions that may come to the mind if you have ever thought about why someone would become a volunteer official. We have shared the thoughts of some of our own officials in the hopes that you might better understand what it means to be an official and perhaps consider getting involved yourself. (more…)

February 10, 2012


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Skate Canada Domestic Officials Committee has approved Tracy Hillyard’s promotion to Section Technical Specialist for Synchronized Skating as of February 3, 2012. Congratulations!

May 19, 2011

Skate Canada technical update

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The free program requirements for STARSkate tests have been revised effective July 1, 2011. These changes were made to reflect the well balanced program criteria for competition. An overview of the changes is posted in Members Only under . Revised test sheets will be available online and for order in mid-June. No changes have been made to the elements part (Part 1) of the free skate tests.
The STARSkate well balanced free program requirements for singles and pairs have been updated to reflect the changes to the CompetitiveSkate program criteria. These changes will ensure consistency and allow for easy transition between the two streams. The 2011-2012 STARSkate Pre-Event Technical Package will be available in July and will contain all information related to STARSkate competition categories. An abbreviated version is now posted in Members Only under .

April 7, 2011

Skate Canada technical updates

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2011-2012 Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance Program Requirements are available in Members Only under <2011/2012 Singles, Pair and Dance Program Requirements>.
Beginning July 1, 2011, a double Axel or triple jump may be included as an additional element in the Novice Men and Novice Women free programs. A Q&A is posted on this topic in Members Only under <2011/2012 Technical Q&A #1>.
Effective July 1, 2011, the Free Program test requirements as outlined in Section 4000 of the Official Skate Canada Rule Book will be revised (Preliminary to Gold). These revisions will reflect the STARSkate well-balanced program requirements and will not affect the element portion on the current free skating tests. A preview of the changes will be available in Members Only under in the coming weeks.

January 7, 2011

Judging at Regional events

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2011 will see the introduction of Cumulative Points Calculation (CPC) judging at regionals. Due to the availability of officials, only junior bronze, senior bronze, skills, interpretive, pre-juvenile and juvenile categories will be judged by CPC using a technical judge Other categories require a full technical panel, or are not eligible to be judged under CPC, and will be judged under the OBO system. For more details on the CPC judging system see the Members Only section of the Skate Canada web site.

September 8, 2010

Section data specialist to officiate at Canadians

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Congratulations to Karen Hillyard who has been invited to officiate as a data specialist at the 2011 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships to be held in Victoria, BC January 21-23, 2011

January 15, 2010

Silver for Alex and Matthew at Junior Nationals; Joey 5th

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Alex and Matthew skate at Junior Nationals (Skate Canada photo)

At the BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships in London Ontario. Skate Newfoundland and Labrador was represented by Joey Russell in Senior Men. Joey skated a brilliant short programme on Friday scoring 74.04 to place 3rd, landing a clean triple axel. He placed 5th overall after scoring 128.12 in the long for a provincial record total of 202.16.

At the BMO Junior Nationals Alex and Matthew Young won silver in novice pairs with a personal best score of 63.92 in the long programme (102.68 overall, only just short of the winner’s score of 102.87).  They were in first place after the short programme with a score of 38.76. Alex and Matthew’s long programme can now be seen on Skatebuzz TV!

November 26, 2009


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The Skate Canada Officials Coordinating Committee has approved the appointment of Angela Clarke to the National Judge Clinic Leader List. Congratulations!

October 23, 2009


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Congratulations to Erica Nixon upon her promotion to Section level Technical Specialist in Singles.

September 14, 2009

Would you like to become a Judge / Evaluator?

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A Primary Evaluating Clinic is scheduled in St. John’s for September  25th (Friday evening) and September 26th (Saturday morning). See side bar “Judges & Evaluators” for prerequisites. Deadline is Monday, September 21st. To register, please contact

July 7, 2009

Technical panel passes

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Congratulations to the following, who have passed Phase I of the Sectional level Technical Panel Training, completed this past weekend in Ottawa: Tracy Hillyard – Sychro; Rena Hutchings – Synchro; Erica Nixon – Singles.

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